Hopeful OOW19 Presentation: Using the Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Framework

I just submitted an abstract to #OOW19 on behalf of #ODTUG.

Abstract: Use the innovative Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics (DOPA) approach that relies on big data and advanced analytical techniques to analyze and improve Oracle Database performance. The easy to use approach is a step-change paradigm shift away from traditional methods which typically rely on a small subset of metrics (which may cause you to miss important system behavior) or the difficult task of pinpointing the issue through an AWR report. The DOPA process targets the most relevant metrics for the problem interval which results in event focused and actionable insight/intelligence on the performance issue, and help you draw impactful/focused performance improvement conclusions. The speaker will share his DOPA process and code.

Using the Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Framework - OOW19.png

MOUG / COUG Tech Day - July 18th 2019 -- Presenting: "Using the Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Framework"

Source Code for “Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics”