My Book: Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Using Normalized Metrics

You may be interested to know that I have book on Oracle performance just published*. 

*The book, Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics: Using Normalized Metrics to Improve Database Speed, is available through Amazon and Apress:

This approach (DOPA) relies on big data and advanced analytical techniques to analyze and improve Oracle Database performance. The approach represents a step-change paradigm shift away from traditional methods. Instead of relying on a few hand-picked, favorite metrics, or wading through multiple specialized tables of information such as those found in an automatic workload repository (AWR) report, you can draw on all available data, applying big data methods and analytical techniques to help you draw impactful, focused performance improvement conclusions. 


Check out the 5 star review on Amazon[ ]; here are a few quotes:  “… Who this book is for: Hands on problem solvers … This book offers UNIQUE MATERIAL you will not find anywhere else. … The intent of this book is to provide a useful skill that you are expected to exercise over the life of your career getting better as you go. … ”

Using the Dynamic Oracle Performance Analytics Framework